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What is a Chore Jacket?

What is a Chore Jacket?

The History & Evolution of the Chore Jacket

Long before the classic chore jacket was a must-have menswear staple, it was a solely utilitarian outerwear piece used by working class Frenchman in the late nineteenth century. 

Due to the nature of the individuals that wore Chore Jackets, these pieces had to be productive, functional and hardwearing. It's the reason why chore jackets & chore coats are often made from heavy cotton canvas or twill.

You'll often find most chore jackets to be designed with a loose and slightly oversized fit. That comes from the earlier days where farmers and labourers needed it easily layer over a set of overalls.

In addition to being a tough, made-to-last exterior, the deep pockets were used to store essentials for a worker  such as tobacco tins, tools and even a pocket watch. Subtle details went a long way, case in point the button cuffs, which made for easy sleeve-rolling when it was time to get to work.

Today, chore jackets have transitioned from their humble beginnings of getting blue collar workers through the harshest winters to being a stylish option for outerwear aficionados.

Close Friends has taken elements of the chore jackets rich history and brought with it an updated with its standout Tapestry Chore Jacket. You'll still find details on this piece that make it a classic style, however tweaks and refined choices bring it into the 21st century.

Close Friends are a contemporary menswear and lifestyle brand, with a strong passion in expertly handcrafted outerwear and other workwear-inspired clothing Shop Chore Jackets by Close Friends


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